Tanja Székessy

3 Children and a Day

From warmth to warfare—a day in the life of three children

This poetically illustrated storybook follows the lives of three siblings over the course of a day in a big city. From wake-up time to bedtime, we witness the ups and downs of this one day: how the three quarrel, play and learn—and in between find themselves in casualty after yet another mishap. An ordinary day—the sort a lot of families experience. On each double page there’s a hidden clock for the bright young reader to find. Tanja Székessy’s delicately crafted bright pastels adopt a style reminiscent of the old masters—to which her children have contributed scribbles and doodles of their own, depicting the details of their everyday lives.

• topics: daily routine and telling the time
• a beautifully detailed picture book to read again and again


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-122-3
22. September 2015