Gudrun Schury

Bouncer, Bulb, Balloon

The Little Book of Everyday Things

How did the teddy bear come by his name? How did the common or garden sausage become that barbecue staple – the hot dog? And to what lucky accident do we owe the ice lolly?
Every day we pick up things we know hardly anything about. They may be familiar objects, but we have no idea of the crazy stories behind their existence. This colourful book presents mundane artefacts in a whole new light, inspiring kids to explore the world that surrounds them in greater depth. Moni Port’s beautiful photographs, collages and illustrations give us a totally fresh spin on ordinary objects.

• an entertaining and innovative take on everyday objects
• gripping, curious and witty stories complemented by beautiful illustrations


Klett Kinderbuch
96 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-137-7
18. März 2016