Tanja Székessy

Doggy Days

My doggy diary

We all know about friendship books and journals—but what about a doggy diary for man’s best friend? Here it is—a dog’s day-book, lovingly designed with plenty of room for keeping track of your adventures with your beloved four-legged friend. How loud is his bark? Where does he like to be tickled? What’s the most embarrassing thing he’s ever done on his walkies? Here’s a chance for young dog lovers to record, draw or add photographs of all the things that matter most to them and their favourite pets.

Tanja Székessy’s lively, child-friendly style makes this book a true visual delight: cool and cheeky, yet cute and playful—just like a puppy!


Klett Kinderbuch
48 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-151-3
23. September 2016