Meyer, Lehmann, Schulze

The Wild Little Ones at School III

The School Trip

Anton, Selin, Ferdinand and everyone else in 2c are really looking forward to their school trip. But when they arrive at their destination, they find themselves staring disappointment in the face. First of all Mrs. Grimm, the strict manager of the hostel, more than lives up to her name: the kids are forbidden from doing every little thing! And secondly the actual programme of events turns out to be a total bore. There’s a constant stream of tasks and activities – it’s almost as bad as school!

It goes without saying that the wild little ones see to it that this school trip lives up to their expectations in the end. In fact they go all out to make it a trip no one will ever forget—especially Mrs. Grimm!

After a frustrating start, the trip’s stupid restrictions give way to sensational secrets.


Klett Kinderbuch
48 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-156-8
10. März 2017