Rike Drust

If You Say No, the Rabbit Dies!

Kids, from now on you may threaten back!

“You’ll go blind from watching too much TV” – this is the kind of manipulative stuff lots of adults still tell children these days. It’s high time to turn the tables on them! After all, grown-ups are famous for forbidding kids from eating three servings of ice cream and for never having time to play, and yet when they are out shopping, they chatter away on or constantly stare at their cell phones. This little book provides kids with an arsenal of creative threats and, at the same time, holding up a mirror to their parents. Lilli L’Arronge puts the nightmarish consequences – from bad cell phone reception to zombie visits to the living room – into pictures so brilliantly that adults will start to sweat a little while kids celebrate.

• If you don’t buy this book, you’ll have to read The Grufallo until you go blue in the face!
• A funny nonsense gift book for young and old


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-159-9
20. August 2021