Moni Port

The Sleepless Book

A Children’s Book about Restlessness

When you can’t go to sleep at night, the strangest thoughts often appear.
The pictures and concepts swing between fears and wishes, between fact and fantasy. Moni Port draws us in with her unique narration and collage techniques, into the midst of a journey through the nighttime hours. A conceptual and visual flood that begins with a whale and circumnavigates the world until reaching its conclusion with a glass of water, until a restful sleep is reached.

  • A nocturnal trip through the rush of thoughts
  • As stimulating as the successful title, Das Mutige Buch ? rights sold: Spain (cat. &cast.)
  • For contemplation, discussion, and repeat readings


Klett Kinderbuch
112 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-192-6
31. August 2018