Tanja Székessy

Mio Was Here!

Every Child in Their Own World

As the class animal of the first grade, life is never boring for stuffed penguin Mio. Now he is being allowed to spend a night with each of the children in his class! The experiences are different everywhere he goes. At Hugo’s house, Mio is allowed to watch films all night. Marlon already knows how to fix his own supper. But at the apartment where funny Mayla lives, where there’s lots of hustle and bustle, Mio ends up stuck in her satchel. Fourteen children, fourteen different worlds. Mio experiences fun-filled evenings, but also witnesses other kinds of interactions. An intriguing tale which will leave you lots to talk about.

  • The diverse lives of those around us presented in pictures packed with intimate family portraits
  • Marvelous illustrations with charming perspectives


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-220-6
23. August 2019