Hans-Christian Schmidt

A Meadow for Everyone

Just imagine … You are a sheep, and life is going well for you. You live among other sheep on a lovely meadow. You have enough to eat, and there’s no reason for you to ever feel scared. Everything is good.

Then one day, a strange sheep arrives from across the sea. It is in great need. If you don’t help it, it is going to die. What will you and your flock do?

With a strong yet poignant narrative voice, Hans-Christian Schmidt and Andreas Német explore the fundamental theme of humane behavior. They speak to us directly, forcing us to make a decision: If someone is in need, you rescue them. Right?

  • A powerful picture book about assistance and responsibility
  • This book will inspire children to take a different look at the world around them
  • From the authors of The Apple Miracle


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-242-8
21. August 2020