Moni Port

Count me out!

He has roared his last roar

Helene’s father doesn’t just speak like everyone else: everything he says comes out of him as a loud shout. Her father is rowdy just like his parents and his grandfather before him. “You’ll also become rowdy someday!” Helene’s mother says. But Helene doesn’t want this. “Count me out!” she declares before packing her suitcase and leaving her family. Finally, some peace and quiet. But is she gone for good?
This powerful picture book is for children like Helene, who go their own way and refuse to put up with things they don’t like and, even if this sometimes comes as a shock to their parents. A book to help children feel brave and to encourage them to set boundaries.


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-248-0
19. Februar 2021