Myriad High II – Sophie’s Secret

Ever since Myriad High’s homecoming dance, Hannah and her childhood friend Matt have been a couple, which may explain why he is not exactly all that interested in his personal history. However, in reality, his adoption by Myriad co-founder Deborah Steiner does not seem to have been completely above board. Besides this, Hannah’s happiness is somewhat clouded by the fact that Ryan is now going out with super-mean girl Allyssa. Hanna obviously still harbors some feelings for Ryan. Sophie, too, must find a way to cope with disappointment. Ben has broken up with her, and it is Evan of all people who is trying to comfort her. Nonetheless, she cannot forget the perverse tricks he carried out over the past few months, despite the fact that he insists he never meant for anything bad to happen. Sophie also has no ill intentions, and yet, a situation arises on the cheerleading team during which she ends up looking less than great. And as for the consequences…

- First love, first relationship worries, and a dark secret, all against a cool setting
- Funny and relaxed, yet exciting and addictive

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74032-6
13. Oktober 2017
Rights sold: Turkey