Myriad High III: Chloe’s Discovery

Hannah should be floating on Cloud Nine now that she is finally in a relationship with Ryan. However, his ex can’t stand seeing her happy and makes their lives miserable. As if that weren’t enough, Hannah is worried about Sophie, who is completely torn up because of everything with Evan. Meanwhile, Chloe is having a hard time with Connor. Whenever he admits his true feelings, he pulls away again right afterward. Only once Dylan becomes increasingly interested in Chloe does Connor finally wake up to reality. Nonetheless, all this drama becomes incidental as the clues multiply, all of which indicate that Myriad’s co-founder, Matt’s adopted mother, was somehow involved with the death of Hannah’s father.

- A dark secret, suspense and lots of romance
- This high school soap opera series is addictive!

Volume: 3


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74037-1
29. März 2018
Rights sold: Turkey