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A Night to Last Forever

Only one night to recognize your great love

Jonah has a disarming smile and more charm than most girls in his environment can resist. However, his interior world is less sunny. He grew up in the home of his divorced, often absent father, and suffered abuse at the hands of his older sister. When he reaches his breaking point at home, he drops out of school, moves out, and finds new friends. But they only know his facade.
Liv is liked by many, but she is very shy. She still cannot accept that even boys could like her. Until two years ago, she was very overweight, and she carries physical and emotional scars that she never tells anyone about.
When the two of them meet at a concert, sparks fly at first sight. They open up to each other - and experience a night that will change them forever.


dtv Junior
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74060-9
24. Juli 2020