The Saltwater Year

This story tastes like wanderlust

A foreign exchange year in Australia. Jannik hopes that everything is going to change when he travels to the other side of the world. Himself, first and foremost. If he could reinvent himself, Jannik would like to be as mysterious as Sienna, who loves the sea and her independence. Although she grows close to Jannik, she keeps leaving him high and dry, full of unanswered questions. Or at least half as laid-back as his host brother Neil Maden, who seems to do everything with ease. Neil is a good guy, but damned secretive. The entire family guards its problems like arcane treasures - until Ruby, the youngest Maden daughter, runs away. Along with Sienna, Jannik sets out in search for her, and one family’s speechlessness finally comes to an end …

  • A novel about travel, being an outsider, and arrivals
  • A marvelously written debut novel: the language, themes and emotions coincide powerfully with the experiences and self-concepts of this target group


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74061-6
2. Auflage 2020