Make Waves!

Relax Another Day

Charming fools with a noble goal and a bad plan

While his friends are off surfing in Portugal, 15-year-old Joshua has to endure one last family vacation in Italy. On his first evening there, he meets Mathilda, who calls him a murderer as he shovels down “frutti di mare”. He happens to overhear her plans to steal a sailing yacht and place herself on the path of a cruise ship, intersecting it - all on camera for YouTube and Instagram! Joshua thinks the plan is rubbish, but he’s interested in Mathilda. So are the other three boys who are helping her. And the fact that Joshua’s parents will be able to observe everything from the beach means that this vacation might be a bit less boring than the last…

• The perfect vacation read from bestselling author Feldhaus
• Funny, quirky and snotty - this is how you get boys to read


dtv Junior
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74068-5
21. Mai 2021