As Soft as a Summer Rain

Not just lies can break hearts. The truth can too.

Is one day enough to fall in love? When Hope meets Cooper, she is angry. Angry at her mother, who has had an affair. Angry at this world that has taken someone she loved away from her. But, in his own extraordinary way, Cooper succeeds in helping Hope to forget her worries for at least a few hours. Cooper also enjoys their time together, and by the end of the day, he wants to see Hope again. After all he has been through, the hours with her were some of the happiest he has experienced for a long time. But then Cooper finds out that Hope’s mother has chosen his stepfather, of all people, to run off with. He keeps this to himself, knowing full well that this secret could destroy his relationship with Hope...

• With her sympathetic characters, fresh voice and a dash of emotional depth, Leonie Lastella conquers the hearts of her readers
• For readers of Mona Kasten and Colleen Hoover


dtv Junior
368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74069-2
23. April 2021