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The Little Vampie

With illustrations in black and white by Heribert Schulmeyer

Frau Lizzi gets quite a shock when she discovers a little vampire in her flat. It looks tiny and helpless, and she decides to bring it up on the bottle - with milk, of course, not blood. The little vampire develops only one characteristic feature: whenever someone flies into a rage or starts shouting, the vampire pricks the person's gall bladder and sucks out all the poison. People turn quiet and gentle as a lamb. One day, somebody discovers the usefulness of this poison-sucking little animal, and the tiny creature almost dies with intoxication. Of course it is saved in the end!

The educational intention of this book is well disguised in this humorous story. Does one really need a vampie to make people find their emotional equilibrium again?

Volume: 1


dtv Junior
112 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07562-6
48. Auflage 2021
Rights sold: Spain, Ukraine, German audiobook, Bulgaria , Korea, China
Rights available again: Slovenia