Fuzzy Bear

With illustrations in colour by Reinhard Michl
Brown Fuzzy Bear lives with Benjamin in his room. He sleeps in Benjamin's bed and gets up with him in the morning. "I am so fond of you" says Benjamin to Fuzzy Bear. "I like you, too," Fuzzy Bear replies.

One morning, they play near the little brook next to their house. There is a white object floating in the water, and Fuzzy Bear fishes it out. It is a white teddy bear that almost drowned.

Benjamin feels sorry for him, washes and dries him and puts him into Fuzzy Bear's green trousers. Then he gives him something to drink from Fuzzy Bear's mug, and at night he takes him into his bed.

Fuzzy Bear is bewildered. Although he saved this teddy bear, he does not wish to have him around like a brother. But that's what Benjamin wants! Fuzzy Bear plods all alone across the meadow into the woods, and Benjamin does not even notice that he has left! During his trip through the woods, he has encounters with a fox, a hare, strange people and even an owl who tries to teach him how to fly. Dirty and dishevelled, he rests in a hollow place under a tree - until somebody calls out his name. It is the white teddy bear...

The book is a story about jealousy the way all children may experience it: An affectionate story, sometimes a bit sad, but always excitingly told, with a happy ending. Children will identify with little Brown Fuzzy Bear and they will certainly love the funny, heart-warming pictures.


dtv Junior
56 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07598-5
27. Auflage 2021
Rights sold: PR China, Romania
Rights available again: France, Sweden, Dutch language, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Latin America