Don't You Dare Laugh!

Chaotic comics by Luis 2

Luis and Vincent want to take part in a youth media competition and have been working hard to finish the animation they intend to submit. They have already drawn all the pictures in painstaking detail and photographed them with their digital camera – now all that remains is to put them onto the computer and join the individual frames together to make a complete film. But before Luis can transfer the data, his memory card is stolen. And there is only one suspect: Öli, his big sister’s spurned admirer, who also happens to be the brother of his arch-enemy Zorro. By the time the memory card shows up again, the closing date for the competition has just passed. Luis and Vincent are determined to take revenge…


dtv Junior
152 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76006-5
1. Dezember 2010
Rights sold: Greece, Spain (cast.), Czech Republic, Turkey