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Frog or Prince?

Mira, who’s just moved to the deadly dull backwater of Hellenburg, keeps picturing her own funeral, at times in gory detail. She just misses her old life so much, all her great mates. And anyway, apart from Karo, all of Hellenburg seems to consist of country bumpkins. But then one day Mira collects her younger brother from a friend’s house and this really cute guy opens the door. And Mira falls madly in love with him on the spot. Despite the fact she had sworn to herself that falling in love was totally out the question, from now on the only thing that matters is to find out more about Mr. SuperCute, like his name for starters! But in her search for Prince Charming she comes across many a frog.


dtv Junior
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07602-9
1. Auflage, Oktober 2007
Rights sold: Spain, Greece, Lithuania