Can You Believe it?!

Chaotic Comics by Luis 3

Luis and Vincent are in for their next catastrophe. While on a class outing to the Deutsches Museum in Munich they get locked up in an ancient ship by their arch-enemies Zorro and the Monster Cheek. By the time they finally manage to get out, the museum lights are just going off – and Luis is really close to freaking out. But before long the friends realise that a night in the museum has its appeal… And just because they are found sleeping peacefully the next morning, everyone thinks they let themselves get locked in on purpose. Can you believe it? Nope, no way are they having that – and that’s why Luis is determined to put things right. Using every trick in the book, the two friends get their own back against Zorro and his gang.


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76031-7
1. Juli 2011
Rights sold: Turkey