Jürg Lendenmann

Globi at School

Volume 79

Globi answers a newspaper ad and gets hired right away! His new job for a whole year is to be the right hand of Toni, the school maintainence man. Together with Toni, the children, the teachers and the staff of the day care center, Globi has many adventures in the school and school grounds. He even tries his hand as teacher and playground monitor. He rescues Frank from a locked toilet stall and intervenes when the children start to fight. But not only that; Globi invents a "trashketball " game, builds a bicycle school bus, various go-karts and much more. He joins the children on a field trip and accompanies them when they learn about traffic safety. At the day care center, Globi helps with the cooking and washing up, as well as assisting the children with their homework. When the children have a school party, Globi is not to be missed!

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