The Secret of Dinosaur Island

Max is on a seaside holiday in the South of England with his father and new step-family. The shoreline stretches for 150 kilometres and is known throughout the world as the Jurassic Coast due to its richness in fossils. When Max’s boat capsizes as he sets out for the uninhabited Dinosaur Island without permission, he encounters the mysterious Mary, who wears the most outlandish clothes and has a weird way of talking. Despite this, they make friends straight away. And best of all, she has made an amazing discovery – there’s a huge dinosaur skeleton jutting out of a rock in the middle of the island! Mary takes Max to see it and they get there just as a horde of unscrupulous fossils hunters arrives on the scene...


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76043-0
1. Februar 2012
Rights sold: Turkey