The Summer We All Went Overboard

War; it’s been the name of the game between the “stuck-up snobs” from boarding school and the “village idiots” of the local school for as long as anyone can remember. It goes without saying that Felix and his friends aren’t going to put up with sharing their state-of-the-art sports hall with those peasants! But their plans to keep them out succeed only too well, and revenge isn’t long in coming. It’s just too bad that Felix wakes up the night Lena from the village school sneaks into his room. Or maybe it’s a lucky break, because to their astonishment they find they’ve got a lot in common and all this stupid fighting is actually pretty childish. Unfortunately it proves harder to convince everyone else...

• an exciting children’s novel about friendship and enmity—laced with a hint of love
• a summer’s tale; something we find ourselves longing to experience first-hand; a story that shows how things can get blown out of all proportion despite the best of intentions…


dtv Junior
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76132-1
24. Juli 2015