Quinn and Spencer – Two Smart-Alecks, One Tail, No Plan

Quinn normally lives in Liverpool with his parents and five siblings, but now he’s been parked with his dreadful Aunt Christiane, a public prosecutor in Germany. He’s planning to make a getaway just as soon as he possibly can: scrape some money together, buy a ticket and make his way back to his family. It’ll be a piece of cake, easy as pie. At least in theory...

Quinn discovers that Spencer, who’s been a reluctant part of Christiane’s family since last summer, is harbouring precisely the same ambition. Spencer also wants to get back home to his family—in Turkey, in his case. And the two of them have something in common besides their mutual sense of incarceration— the requisite ingenuity and resourcefulness when it comes to scouting out an escape route. The big difference is that Spencer is a dog and takes any and every opportunity to run away. Quinn goes all out—but suddenly finds himself up to his neck in one of Aunt Christiane’s criminal cases! The only way he can resolve the mess is with the assistance of Christiane’s son Karl—and of course Spencer...

• cool, witty and on-trend: the new comic novel by bestselling author Jürgen Feldhaus
• Quinn and Spencer put provincial noses out of joint in the most delightfully un-PC fashion.

Volume: 1


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76138-3
22. April 2016
Rights sold: Lithuania, Turkey