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Hostage Island

Oh dear, where on earth has Carlo fetched up? His parents have enrolled him in the Villa da Vinci, an elite boarding school for highly gifted children; disregarding the fact that Carlo is anything but a high achiever. Soon after term starts, strangers strike, kidnapping Carlo along with his entire class and abducting them to a desolate island. The children do their utmost to escape—but then the kidnappers spread the rumour that there is a spy in their midst. As the new boy, Carlo is immediately the main suspect. Carlo and his friend Hamid need to muster all the intelligence, ingenuity and finesse at their disposal to outsmart their captors and break free.

• an exciting crime novel for boys and girls aged 10 and up set in a boarding-school environment
• a fast-paced story of camaraderie, at once action-packed and profound
• a highly topical subject: the pressure parents exert on highly gifted children and society’s attitude to them


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76139-0
19. Februar 2016