The Scribblers II – Panic in the Schoolyard

“Our class is the best!” The kids in 3a are convinced of that. They often get up to all kinds of mischief, and every one of them is different, but in the end they always stick together— seventeen children collectively known as the Scribblers. Turbulent adventures from a modern primary class are recounted here in a charming and warm-hearted fashion. Each volume follows the stories of two of the children, offering an evolving picture of a varied class; each child will win the readers’ hearts and they’ll be on the edge of their seats waiting avidly for the next instalment. This just can’t be for real—can it? They’re planning to pave over the school garden in the playground! There’s no way the scribblers will stand for losing their beloved treehouse. So they put their heads together and start cooking up plans – but who would have thought that chubby Albert would come up with the best idea of all...• the first ever soap for kids: stories, excitement and laughter for boys and girls from 8 and up
• A series that stars the whole class!
• ideal reading for kids who have moved beyond chapter books: Short, straightforward and accessible chapters with a wealth of two-colour illustrations
Volume: 2


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76143-7
27. Mai 2016
Rights sold: Turkey