Penny Pepper - Crime Scene Winter Forest (vol. IV)

When Penny and her gang of detectives hear about the disappearing Christmas trees, they initially put it down to coincidence. But it soon becomes clear: this is the work of a serial offender. One tree farm is burned to the ground, another is afflicted by a peculiar disease, deliveries disappear and the last of the Christmas pines are stolen from balconies. As far as Penny and her crew are concerned this is totally unacceptable and it’s high time to take action. Christmas without a tree is—well, it’s just not Christmas! So the girls set an ambush and soon find themselves hot on the trail...
  • a sparkling, easy-going read for children and parents alike
Volume: 4


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76162-8
3. Auflage 2019
Rights sold: Greece, Spain (cast., cat.), Hungary