Quinn & Spencer II – The Great Gamble

A survival camping trip with the whole class in the suburban woods... Quinn is dreading it. But there’s no escape—the whole of his cousin Karl’s family has to go. And since his unwilling relocation from Liverpool to Göttingen, Quinn has become an integral part of that family. Spencer, the rebellious foundling dog from Turkey, has to come along too, which turns out to be a real blessing for Quinn. At least that’s what he thinks. Because he’s come up with a brilliant plan: he’s going to fleece everyone in a rigged game of poker and then make off—with Spencer’s assistance of course. The plan is idiot-proof as long as Quinn and Spencer work together. The only hitch is that Spencer has no idea what he’s in for…

• cool, witty and on-trend: the new comic novel from bestselling author Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus
• delightfully wicked: Spencer stirs up life in the German provinces in a way that can only be compared to Alf

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76168-0
5. Mai 2017
Rights sold: Lithuania