Fletcher 2 – A Rumble in the Tunnels

Fletcher, the coolest skunk in town, is back in action! Something very strange is going on... right on his doorstep! Chloe, his charming secretary who also happens to be the exceptionally talented singer of the Back Yard Band, has disappeared. Fletcher soon begins to sense great danger lying in wait for the inhabitants of his much loved back yard. One after another, all the animals seem to be literally vanishing into thin air… Where have they all gone so suddenly? Flanked by his trusty assistant Theo and with his stink pistol at the ready, the renowned master detective sets out to investigate the mystery. A number of conclusively inconclusive clues lead the two sleuths into the depths of the sinister sewers, where they promptly fall into their enemy’s trap. Well, at least Fletcher does. Imprisoned in the cage of an evil animal-catcher, Fletcher’s game seems to be up. But his ever-twitching nose and sense of smell haven't let him down yet…
Volume: 2


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76176-5
3. Auflage 2019
Rights sold: Denmark, PR China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Repbulic