My Fletcher Journal

Who wouldn’t like to have a cool detective with a super stink-gun as a friend? Fletcher is immortalised in this friendship journal, revealing what he’s particularly good at (sleuthing), what his favourite food is (bread dumplings – for breakfast, lunch and dinner), who is his favourite animal friend (Chloe Weasel) and what he wishes for you (a good sense of smell of your very own!).

But what about your own friends? What were their greatest pranks? What was the most disgusting thing they ever had to eat? Where are their hideouts? Who’s got a friendly scent and who smells suspicious? On 44 double-page spreads they can reveal everything about themselves to you – and let you know why you’re such a great friend.

• provides room for your friends on 44 double pages
• plus an extra double page in which Fletcher is immortalized—and reveals all his secrets!


dtv Junior
96 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76177-2
20. April 2018