The Day We Reprogrammed Dad

One week of all your dreams coming true!

Jolante and Carlo are excited about their upcoming birthday - until Mom has to unexpectedly leave to visit Grandma, and Dad takes over the organisation of their party. Dad, the notorious professional do-it-yourselfer and product inspector. Who smells danger everywhere, and who makes everyone wear protective body suits whenever they go on bicycle tours. Who forbids the oven from being turned on during baking projects, and who conjures up LED candles for birthday cakes. However, Mom has hardly left before the children discover that the Dad who is staying home with them is not actually their Dad, but a robot. And then the two children find the power switch on the robot’s bum. Best of all: This Dad can be easily re-programmed! The ultimate dream party can now get started!

- A hysterical, exuberant family story

Reviews of Emergency Landing On 17a Milky Way:
“Imaginative, funny, exciting, packed full of crazy technical details. Perfect for boys.” FAZ
“Funny, lively, original - this is how a children’s book should be. Something like this runs the risk of making reading addictive!” Alliteratur, Lesetipps fuer Grundschueler


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76187-1
4. Auflage 2021