Fletcher 3 – With Stink Cannon and a Nose for Clues

New developments in Fletcher’s backyard detective agency

Fletcher is the coolest skunk in town, and he is facing a new mystery. How did the old briefcase get into his first-class backyard detective agency? Scuffed black leather, fraying seams, and a rusted silver lock difficult to open. But then there is the stuff inside: an expensive pipe, a remarkable magnifying glass, and a tastefully checkered cap. Could this be the briefcase of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time? Yet there is nobody in sight. Fletcher keeps a cool head and lifts his famously sensitive nose. Obviously something is rottenhere.

“A wonderfully written, entertaining book for young readers.” Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Volume: 3


dtv Junior
136 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76194-9
2. Auflage 2018
Rights sold: Russia, PR China