Tilda’s Animal Gang - Whiskers, the Fuzzy Wishing Rabbit

A warm, bubbly feeling from the first page to the last

What could possibly be more charming than the Animal Gang? Tilda and her friends from Truffle Street spend every day off from school with Muffin the woolly pig, Kasi the silky chicken, and Whiskers the angora rabbit. When the boys from next door try to strike it rich with snail slime, the girls hit on their own idea: Isn’t Whiskers actually a magical wishing rabbit? Tilda is convinced that if you stand under the silver birch in the forest at 11:11 AM and gently twist his little cottontail while making a wish, that wish will come true. The following morning, the Animal Gang enthusiastically strikes off for the forest, but once again, the girls have failed to take the boys into account in their plans.

- A delightful new adventure from Tilda and her Animal Gang
- Top themes: best friends and three beloved, cuddly animals
- Charmingly illustrated by Verena Körting

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76205-2
29. März 2018