Friends on Horses - The Secret of the Stunt Horse (vol. I)

Nelly, Katya and Mia spend every free minute at “their” equestrian farm. It is located on the edge of a major city, right next to a well-known film studio lot. This is why the “film animal school” with several stunt horses is also housed at the stud farm. However, this idyllic setting harbors dark secrets, exciting adventures, dangerous cases, and all sorts of challenges. The friends solve a new mystery in each book with the help of Leo, who happens to be the very charming son of a successful director, as well as a stuntman-in-training specializing in riding.

- A horse series for girls 10 and up, set in a very unique location
- A combination of two of this target group’s absolutely favorite topics: horses and movies!
- The added charm of the world of film stars and starlets

Volume: 1


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76225-0
20. Juli 2018
Rights sold: Hungary, Czech Republic,