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Holly Bluesky

Unmagical Friend Wanted

Witch girl in search of a true friend

Holly Bluesky lives in the magical Forest of Night Shadows. Along with her chameleon Kralle, she has already experienced countless adventures there. However, there is one thing about sorcery: Holly has had her fill of witch stuff such as enchanted princesses, sensitive fairies, vain unicorns, outrageous witches, soothsayers and Co. And she doesn’t want to attend her magic school either.
All Holly is wishing for is an unmagical girlfriend who will stick by her side through thick and thin. Someone who likes her just the way she is. And then, one day, the absolutely unmagical, unwitchy normal Isa appears, having lost her way back home to her village. At that moment, Holly knows this is her future best friend. But Isa has a mind of her own. And then Kralle finds himself in great danger...

  • The first volume of a fantastical series for girls from the age of 8
  • By the successful author & illustrator duo behind Fletcher
  • For readers of Petronella Apple Witch & Meja Mermaid
Volume: 1


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76277-9
21. Februar 2020