Kicker Academy (vol. I)

Wanted: The Next Superstar

Something here is… foul

Grünstadt Academy: every budding kicker dreams of attending this soccer academy. Soccer is even played in the school’s hallways - and nobody complains. The newest student soon arrives: Leo Fischer, the son of the famous national player, Rüdiger Fischer. The U13 team is finally complete again, and the prospects for the cup match against their archenemies from Hartenstein couldn’t be rosier. However, during the training period, the first doubts about Leo’s abilities start to circulate. And then shortly before the decisive game, the Grünstadters’ talisman vanishes without a trace…

  • Includes strategy plans from soccer expert and author Michael Engler


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76283-0
24. Januar 2020