Gigaguhl’s Gigantic Joy

Do you know Gigaguhl, the giant?

Despite his great size, Gigaguhl is extremely friendly. He especially loves animals. A family of bats sleeps under his arms. Goats hide among the hills of his neck. And a rare unicorn lives deep in his hair.
One evening, Gigaguhl feels very tired, so he covers himself with a colorful summer meadow and sleeps for a hundred years. During that time, a city springs up across the expanse of his back. Of course, its residents have no idea who is slumbering beneath them… until two curious children go out exploring and experience a gigantic adventure.

  • The new book by the Spiegel bestselling author of Zippel
  • Hide and seek fun for even the youngest of readers: Willy Peter Millimeter is hiding on every page, just waiting to be found
  • Marvellously illustrated by internationally renowned cartoonist Barbara Yelin


dtv Junior
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76286-1
2. Auflage 2020