Kronox – Enemy in Charge

Activating Project KRONOX

For days now, Paul has been waking up at exactly 4:07 am, completely exhausted. One morning, he goes to the boat on which he has been devotedly working for months - and sets it on fire. At the last second, someone rescues him, but he has no memory of what happened.
And then Snoop, Yesim and Anh appear, each of whom experienced something similarly unsettling at the exact same moment in time. All four of them suddenly did things that they didn’t want to do, utilizing abilities that they didn’t actually have. They were obeying some kind of inner voice that none of them could resist.

  • What happens when state-of-the-art technology paves the way for total manipulation?
  • The new action thriller by the successful duo behind the Ocean City trilogy


dtv Junior
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76291-5
13. März 2020