Fletcher 6 – Surrounded by Teachers

Fletcher stirs things up at school

Fletcher’s assistant Theo is in a jam. His latest math homework page was stolen, and now the teacher is threatening to give him an extra hard make-up sheet. If Theo botches it, he will have to attend the awful after-school lessons, and then Fletcher’s backyard detective agency will lack its best employee. There’s no doubt about it! Fletcher will have to intervene and nab the thief. But a school can be a dangerous place for a skunk. Whenever Fletcher isn’t being chased by the caretaker up and down the school, he has to stand frozen in the biology classroom, pretending to be a stuffed animal. Fletcher fears no danger and uses his brilliant nose to track down the culprit.

Volume: 6


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76292-2
22. Mai 2020