A Pug for Christmas

A pug miracle

Emil’s family has been turned upside down since Grandpa’s death. And so Emil decides that the only thing that will help them is a big, beautiful, friendly dog. Luckily Christmas is right around the corner, and Emil is a math ace. According to his calculations, the probability that he will get a dog will be around 100% if this is the only wish he makes. However Emil’s parents don’t place much stock in pets - and they obviously understand nothing about math. And this is why Emil soon finds himself secretly hiding an abandoned pug dog in Grandpa’s old room. This pug isn’t big or beautiful, but he knows how to win hearts. And he has his own secret …

  • Marvelously entertaining with emotional depth for girls and boys aged 8+
  • A pug helps a family to deal with mourning
  • Emil and his pug are an endearing and winsome duo


dtv Junior
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76301-1
18. September 2020