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Charlie – a school bus goes haywire

Help! Our school bus is taking off – quite literally:
Will can’t believe his eyes when caretaker Freddie ploughs into the schoolyard with a bright yellow and very battered old schoolbus. Exhaust fumes mingle with the smell of adventure and so Will hops on the bus with a few more daring pupils. Not only does this bus take every corner on one set of wheels only, it actually does take off like a rocket and flies off on a trip around the world. Archie – yes, that’s its name – is full of surprises. It speaks, it has a mysterious past and it desperately needs help. And who would be better suited to come to its rescue than Will and his super clever friends from Dreistein boarding school?
This is the start to a hilarious series revolving around Dreistein’s pupils and their adventures – magic and otherwise – told with verve and esprit.


dtv Junior
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76306-6
18. September 2020