Greetings from Pink Hell - Lisa’s Crazy Diary

Lisa, stranded in the madhouse

Life has turned into a total disaster!!! Thanks to her mother’s sudden flash of romantic insanity, Lisa, (13), a formerly happy only child, has moved to a backwater town out in the country. And her family has expanded with the addition of a rosily naive stepsister, an eight-year-old wannabe rapper, and a crazy New Age grandma.

Lisa isn’t sure which of them is the worst. She wants her old life back, but running away wouldn’t work. Then Ilkan, a kebab stand owner, gives her a new idea: Since she can’t convince her mother to move back to the city, Lisa will have to convince the others to kick them out! Inspired by the rumors of a falafel mafia gang, Lisa cooks up the perfect plan.

  • Funnily self-deprecating: Lisa’s diary (in a glittery bubblegum pink cover – thanks, Grandma!) offers a high degree of reader identification
  • Leonie Below is a young author with a hilarious new narrative voice


dtv Junior
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76308-0
21. August 2020