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I, Cleopatra, and the Ancient Egyptians

Cleopatra explains how things really used to be!

The ancient Egyptians have fascinated children and adults for ages, but very few people actually know the whole story! Fortunately for us, Cleopatra is here to round up the most famous gods and pharaohs, as well as the bravest of human children, to help us out of the sarcophagus of ignorance. Now we can finally get the answers to the most exciting questions: How were the pyramids built? Were there really booby traps that protected the buried treasure from tomb robbers? Why were the dead mummified, and how was mummification done? What did daily life in a pharaoh’s court look like? What are hieroglyphics?

• A book that will bring the mummies back to life and will intrigue children and parents alike!

Volume: 5


dtv Junior
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76329-5
23. April 2021