The Red Knight's Secret

dtv Tiger Eye - Middle Ages

Count von Falkenstein has been invited to attend the great celebration at the court of Emperor Barbarossa. His children, the twins Hagen and Johanna, are meant to remain at home in the castle. Secretly they make their way to the court of the Emperor – and on the path they find a little sack bulging with gold! A knight in a red cloak had lost it when he galloped away on his horse! One thing is clear: the twins have to find the mysterious red knight! But it turns out the man they are looking for is far from being a nobleman. He is up to no good and Hagen and Johanna are almost caught up in his wicked dealings …

General knowledge:

- life in a castle, the clothing worn by knights and their families
- medieval village and street life
- social hierarchy in the Middle Ages
- herbal medicine
- childhood and adolescence in the Middle Ages
- a grand celebration at court
- the life of servants and pages

Tiger Eye stories are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls on the favourite themes of young readers of nine-plus.

The authors and illustrators know their subject areas inside out and manage to slip factual information suitable for the readership age into their thrilling stories. Varied page layouts and a high number of illustrations (e.g. “spot the…” picture puzzles, area maps, mazes, cross sections etc.) invite browsing, amazement and discovery.


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07711-8
2. Auflage, Juni 2009
Rights sold: Korea, Greece, Czech Republic