The Lair Of The Anaconda

dtv Tiger Eye - Jungle

When he is given permission to visit his father in the Ecuadorian jungle, Paul doesn’t guess for a moment what a tight spot he’ll end up in! Paul’s father is spending a few months researching snakes, and unfortunately has no time to show his son around the dense rainforest, so Paul heads off an exploratory expedition with the young Ecuadorian boy Juanito. On their trek to uncover the jungle’s mysteries, they run into Jo, who tells them the legendary ten-metre anaconda has its lair near here. When they get back, it turns out that Jo has gone missing and a search party is sent out to find him. Paul and Juanito are told to stay safely within the confines of the camp; but they sneak out and, borrowing a canoe, paddle upstream in the opposite direction from the search party. They moor on an island to rest for a while – but their boat drifts away, leaving them marooned without food or equipment!

Tiger Eye stories are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls on the favourite themes of young readers of nine-plus.

The authors and illustrators know their subject areas inside out and manage to slip factual information suitable for the readership age into their thrilling stories. Varied page layouts and a high number of illustrations (e.g. “spot the…” picture puzzles, area maps, mazes, cross sections etc.) invite browsing, amazement and discovery.


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07720-0
1. Auflage, Juli 2009
Rights sold: Chinese (simplified characters)