The Magic Mask

dtv Tiger Eye - Ancient Greece

It is 506 BC, and July has been a feverishly busy month for Mikion and Andronikos in their Athens ceramics workshop. They have landed an extremely lucrative commission for the Panathanean games and are working non-stop – it is vital that this order is perfect. At last, the day arrives for the amphorae – the spectacular jars of Ancient Greece – to be fired in the kiln. But something is wrong. Above the kiln, they keep a mask of the god to protect all their exquisite work during the burning process – but it has gone missing. There is no way they can go ahead without the blessing of the god! A terrible suspicion occurs to Mikion: is his son Hegios behind all this? The boy pleads his innocence, but it seems the only way he can convince his father is by tracking down the real culprit…

Tiger Eye stories are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls on the favourite themes of young readers of nine-plus.

The authors and illustrators know their subject areas inside out and manage to slip factual information suitable for the readership age into their thrilling stories. Varied page layouts and a high number of illustrations (e.g. “spot the…” picture puzzles, area maps, mazes, cross sections etc.) invite browsing, amazement and discovery.


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07721-7
1. August 2009
Rights sold: Korea, Chinese (simplified characters)