The Ship's Boy On The "Santa Maria"

dtv Tiger Eye - Christopher Columbus

It is August 3rd, 1492. In the small Spanish port of Palos, ten-year-old Luis has reached the end of his tether. His stepmother and her new husband, Rodrigo, treat him like a dog. One day, Luis decides enough is enough and runs away. As luck will have it, there are three ships moored in the harbour about to set sail, and Luis manages to sneak unnoticed on board a small carrack that goes by the name of Santa Maria. He has no way of guessing what extraordinary adventures lie ahead of him on the high seas. He will be an eyewitness to Christopher Columbus’s first great voyage of discovery, but he will also fall foul of a sinister one-eyed sailor as well as vengeful Ramon, who Luis will replace as ship’s boy on the expedition’s flagship. At times the young stowaway will wonder if life back at Palos wasn’t quite so bad, after all…

Tiger Eye stories are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls on the favourite themes of young readers of nine-plus.

The authors and illustrators know their subject areas inside out and manage to slip factual information suitable for the readership age into their thrilling stories. Varied page layouts and a high number of illustrations (e.g. “spot the…” picture puzzles, area maps, mazes, cross sections etc.) invite browsing, amazement and discovery.


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07722-4
1. November 2009
Rights sold: Turkey