Duplic Jonas 7

In the not-too-distant future:
Jonas 7 is a 'duplic' and lives in a home, totally secluded from the world. The highest value for 'duplics' and their only goal in life is health. To this end, they have to nourish themselves in a wholesome way, keep their bodies fit and go to the clinic for a weekly check-up. In this seemingly idyllic world, there is only one threat: CANKER, a disease that can emerge suddenly and quietly in any organ of the body. The only way of 'healing' this malady is to remove the organ or part of the body immediately. What none of the 'duplics' is aware of is that each of them is a genetic twin, a human spare parts deposit. And they are made to believe that CANKER really exists.

Change of scene:
Jonas Helcken, a medical student who was in a serious accident, wakes from the anaesthesia after an operation. He almost lost sight in his right eye, but was given 'spender eyes' during the operation. These are the eyes of his 'duplic' Jonas 7. Jonas, the student, knows nothing about his duplic's existence. It seemed like a perfectly normal procedure in modern medicine. But when Jonas learns from his father what really happened to him, he feels uneasy. It dawns on him that a perfectly healthy, human being, who feels pain and sadness, was mutilated for his sake. His sister Ilka, active in the 'Protection of Life' organization, encourages him to get Jonas 7 out of his home.

The drastic openness with which Birgit Rabisch discusses the change of values in connection with gene technology led her to receive the 'Literary Prize of Ecology' of Nordrhein-Westphalia.


dtv Junior
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78081-0
22. Auflage 2020
Rights sold: Spain, France, Italy (schoolbook edition)