Jan has never felt completely at ease in his role as heir to the Senneberg estate. When he travels to London with his school class, he makes a discovery that raises many questions: What happened to the paintings of the Reinfeld Collection, which once belonged to his family? Did his parents sell these paintings, said to have been destroyed in a fire, for large sums of money? Why do they always avoid his questions? And, most importantly, where did these paintings come from?

Jan cannot make headway in his quest for the answers until he finds several documents that open his eyes to the terrible truth.His family's prized possessions - the printing press, the villa, the art collection that was sold piece by piece - belonged to his grandfather's Jewish friend who, while fleeing the Nazis, registered everything in the family's name. After the war, Jan's grandfather and then father ignored all restitution claims and kept the property.

Jan's father expects him to maintain this secret. Jan refuses and leaves home in order to think things over. He falls in love with a girl named Sunny, a poor,uneducated girl with disdain for private property. She intrigues Jan and forces him to question his views of morality and responsibility. When Sunny becomes involved with crooks, Jan intervenes. Already called a "Judas" by his father, is he now also a traitor to his friends, just like his grandfather?


dtv Junior
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78153-4
15. Auflage 2020
Rights sold: The Netherlands, France