Double Poker

Julius, a grammar-school pupil from one of the best families, wears a valuable ring that has been in his family for generations to a school party. The next morning it has disappeared, and Julius finds € 4,000.00 in his pocket. Who would steal a ring and pay for it?

The money belongs to Jo, a rather rough streetwise girl, and she got it from some dodgy dealings. She has slipped it to Julius and “borrowed“ the ring as security, so that the two nasty Russian gangsters with whom she has a score to settle don’t nick it from her. The annoying thing is that the two Russians have gone off and taken the ring from her instead of the money! What now? Jo wants her money back and Julius has to get the ring back at all costs – and the only way to do that is to join forces with Jo who has come up with a daring plan to outwit the Russians, but it will involve burglary and fraud.

It leads Julius deep into a world that is a million miles from anything he has ever known before. And, the most surreal aspect of it all is that he ends up falling in love with this totally impossible girl – surely this can’t be happening to him, can it?

A fast-paced, ultra cool crime novel with depth for youngsters.


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78214-2
1. Januar 2007